Tubular Heaters

Tubular Heaters / Tubular heating elements
Tubular (sheathed) elements normally comprise a fine coil of nichrome (NiCr) resistance heating alloy wire, that is located in a metallic tube (of stainless steel alloys, such as Incoloy, or copper) and insulated by magnesium oxide powder. To keep moisture out of the hygroscopic insulator, the ends are equipped with beads of insulating material such as ceramic or silicone rubber, or a combination of both. The tube is drawn through a die to compress the powder and maximize heat transmission. These can be a straight rod (as in toaster ovens) or bent to a shape to span an area to be heated (such as in electric stoves, ovens, and coffee makers).
Tubular Heaters / Finned Tubular Heater
Tubular Heaters / Aluminum casted Heater